Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So halloween this year was kind of a blur for me. Hopefully next year I will feel more on top of things. We didn't even take any pictures. Porter didn't even get into his little pumpkin outfit:(
Dang! But next year will be better. Rayla was a Renaissance Princess, Joseph was a snake catcher, Spencer was crazy man, or retired rock star, Tori was a beautiful princess, Andrew was scooby doo.
We did our usual. We had vege soup in yummy pumpkin bread bowls. Grandma Munson and Grandma Hydeman both came over. April, Parker and Quincy came over and everyone enjoyed the trick or treating.
One funny story... Andrew was a kick while trick or treating. I guess when he went up to one of the houses to trick or treat he just ran right in and everyone thought he had run ahead so they went up to the next house. When they got to the next house they realized that Andrew wasn't there yet. So they went back and the Vietnamese family was bringing Andrew out and asking if he was ours. I guess we'' claim him.:)
Also Andrew was pretty good about saying trick or treat and all that. But he went to one of the houses and when they opened the door he said,"you're supposed to give me candy."

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