Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are going to the Caribbean

Well we did it. We found a great deal with Delta airlines and we are going to Pirates of the Caribbean(Tori:) We got tickets for 298.00 a person and we are very excited. We spent two hours last Saturday in the post office filling out forms and doing the whole passport thing. Hopefully everything goes well and we didn't make any mistakes that will cost us time. I am a little worried about going during the time of year when it seems like everyone is sick. But hopefully it will all work out and we won't be dealt with anything to bad. The kids are really excited they are already dreaming of all the animals they want and hope to see. I am excited to see the clear blue water and the beaches with white sand. It kinda freaks me out a little that we are going to be on an island in the Caribbean. So for the next three months we have a lot to prepare for because we will leave November 30th and come home December 8th and it will be so close to Christmas.

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