Friday, August 31, 2007

Four Corners

We got to do some fun traveling this summer. But by far our FAVORITE was our Mask reunion in Colorado. Just some of our favorite memories are: river rafting, hiking till we want to drop(some were crying), golfing, alpine slide, bungee trampoline, snowball fights, sleepovers and the bear that Rayla saw on the way to sleep at granny's, the snake Spencer spotted and Joseph caught it was HUGE, the FIREWORKS!! And the beautiful drive through the mountain I don't think we could ever get enough. And of course the cooler weather we were literally freezing with jackets in the afternoons. Anyway on the way home we had a little argument. I wanted to go river rafting and the kids all wanted to go to the four corners. We did both! So here is our proof that we endured the one hour wait to take a picture by all these flags and say we were here. Now let's not do that again!

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amy said...

come on, kim. let's have it. what's new?