Sunday, October 25, 2009

This one is for you! AMY

All of my kids have had a favorite pair of shoes. Rayla had her ruby red slippers that she wore till her toes poked out. Joseph had a boot that he carried all his treasure in to keep Rayla from stealing them. Spencer had something he wore with his pirate get up. Tori had her pink sandals with all the bling. Andrew just got a blue pair or soccer shoes from his cousin Alex. He loves how fast he runs in them, he sleeps with them on and he has even discover if he gets upset with you he can cause a lot of damage when he stamps on your bare foot. We have learned when we want to discipline him for something all we have to do is take one shoe off and his whole world crumbles. Here is a picture of the kids playing street hockey. Notice Andrews blue shoes. One look and you will see why I had to take this picture.


cherie said...

love it, kim!!!! the blue shoes are awesome...woobie has the same effect at our house!
thanks for calling today. you are the best!

amy said...

i love this, kim! that picture is classic. Andrew in the shoes (underwear showing) playing hockey!